About me

2015-05-04 19.45.06I am a Technical Game Designer.
My degree is Computer Gameplay Design and Production.

I am a creative and highly motivated Games Design student whose skills comprise of gameplay design,
player interaction, game mechanics, game balancing, level designs and good knowledge of the theory of Game Design.
After completing my degree, I aim to enter the industry of games development and use my skills to join a team and become a Games Designer or a Gameplay Scripter.

Heavily inspired by games: Dragon Age series, Last of Us, Telltale series & Witcher series.
In my spare time I review games that I love to play and would love to make/be a part of making.
They can be be found here.

Gaming Platforms: PC, PS4

At the age of 16 I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in life and the game industry was exponentially growing.
2011 was a big hit for games, releasing some great games like: Skyrim, Dark Souls and the noteable sequels to the Dragon Age and Witcher series.
But even If a book or a film or a video game, is great, its not perfect.
So I would always break it apart mechanically.
In dark souls I wish they had an actual jump button rather then a tedious run and jump feature that didnt feel very fluid.
Perhaps instead of a great series of weapons shortening that amount and allowing players to upgrade and branch out with their weapons to make them feel more unique.
In Skyrim there is so much potential for you to branch out abit for the linear style and make choices to leave your mark on the world but there doesn’t seem to be alot of functionality there.
It would be really interesting if you had choices and consequences that made sense and you could see how they affected the people and the world around you to make your experience truly yours.
It was due to experiences like this that I really wanted to get my own games out there, my own creative experiences that I love to make.